Microsoft Office is the full suite of Microsoft software that features an assortment of applications, server and services like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Publisher, Access and OneNote. These are Microsoft's key products that are most widely utilized software in the world.

It gives users improved access to information, and hence they can have better insights and do activities that are more important. Most importantly, it enhances individual productivity and allows more users to contribute to more challenging conditions around them.

To get your MS Office, visit first

Getting Started From

In the event that you already have Microsoft account Sign in, else you have to create a new MS account. If you have your product key and trying to find the software, visit and install it. After a couple of seconds, the installation procedure will begin automatically.

Insert the Office Setup Product Key

Firstly, you will be prompted to enter the Office setup Product Key. Type in the 25-digit product key accurately and then click on ‘Continue’.

Agree with the Software Terms

The following screen shows the Microsoft Software License Terms. Click the checkbox "I accept the terms of this agreement." Then click ‘Continue’.

Choose Installation Option

The following screen shows the installation options for MS Office. You have two choices to pick from: Install Now and Customize. Click on "Install Now".

The Customize button will enable you to pick the Office applications that you wish to be installed, so you have the choice of not installing particular applications.

Installation Progress

This will install Microsoft Office on your computer. During the installation process, a progress bar will be displayed showing that MS Office is now being installed on your computer and it usually takes some time to finish the installation.

How do I activate Microsoft Office?

You can utilize any of the following 3 options to enter your product key in MS office: #1: Via Notification Dialog Hit ‘Change Product Key’ in the notification dialogue box and enter the product key. #2: Via Backstage View Open any MS Office application and hit the File tab. After that click on the ‘Help’ tab and then hit the link showing ‘Change Product Key’. #3: Via Control Panel Go to the Start Menu and then to Control Panel, then ‘Add/Remove Programs’ (or ‘Programs and Features’, based on your operating system). Now click on Microsoft Office and then go to "Change" option displayed on the top menu. Select the option to "Enter a Product Key."

After you have entered the product key (via any of the above 3 options) then hit "Continue." On the following notification dialog, you find see "Install Now"; hit that to start installing your product key. As you do that, you will see a bar showing the installation progress and when your MS Office product is configured successfully, there will be a dialog box stating the same. Then hit "Close”.

Lastly, close the application, and then restart it. Next, follow the on-screen directions to complete the activation process and you’re done.

Note: an internet connection is required for this process.

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