How to Run Windows Apps on Chromebook

It is possible to use your favorite Windows apps on a Chromebook. Google never gets stagnant; it keeps on adding new features to its Chromebook. A few days back, it enabled the devices to run Android apps, and now one more company named ‘Codeweavers’ creates software that will allow Windows programs to work on many ChromeOS. It is simple to use, it is free and doesn’t require any command line activity or hacking.

Windows Apps On Chromebook

The process to get a Windows app running on a Chromebook is given below:

  • What is required?

All the Chromebooks are not able to run Windows apps. You will need a modern one to do so which features an Intel CPU rather than the ARM. It will also require at least 2GB of RAM installed and at least 200 MB of free space for installation. Google that can run Android has created a list of the model. This is the reason Windows app work on Chromebooks. You will need a Google Play store enabled on your Chromebook. Click on the settings icon, then click on the three lines in the top left corner and select the Google Play Store. You will see an option here Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook. Click this follow the online instructions, and accept to complete the set up for the Google Play Store. You will now need the CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta app which will be found free on the Google Play store.

  • Will any Windows app work?

It is possible for most Windows apps to run on Chromebook, still, there are a few cautions. The primary reason is that the Chromebooks are less powerful when compared to the Windows PCs. The reason is ChromeOS is very lightweight OS and doesn’t require heft of its Microsoft counterpart.

  • Running Windows apps on a Chromebook

Get an access to Google Play store and download CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta app. Launch it and grant access to various media it requires. Now you will be presented with a search bar. Type the one you wish to use, and CrossOver will display a list of versions that match up.

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