Know How to Create Customized Tab on the Microsoft Office Ribbon?

Microsoft office features are easy to understand but only for those who are familiar with it. Those, who are not have always look for some help that lets them use it without worrying about anything. After the successful installation, it shows a video which let user know the process to use Microsoft office but it doesn’t show each single feature to the users. Thus, they always need to get help or support which they can get it from Office customer support. Office customer support technicians have advanced knowledge about each and every office versions. Here, we come with the info and the solution about creating customized tab on the Microsoft office Ribbon. The article guides you the best solution for customizing tab on the Microsoft Office Ribbon.

Microsoft Office 2010 provides you the feature to create your own custom tab. In the own custom tab, one can include specific commands which will make your work easier. Apart from including the commands, one can create a customized tab in any of the components of Microsoft Office application. Taking an example of it, we have considered MS Word component and given the best steps to create a customized tab on the Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon.

Steps to Create Customized Tab on the MS Office Ribbon

  • Firstly, open the MS Word and right click on the ribbon.
  •  Then choose Customize the Ribbon option
  • Now, the word Options window will be opened with a list of customization options.
  • Now, just click on the New tab button.
  • You need to specify a name for the new tab and click on OK.
  • Drag the commands which you want to add in your tab.
  • You can also select commands according to the category.
  • Now, your new tab will appear on the ribbon.
  • You can create more new tabs by following the same method.

Customization of tab lets you to create a tab and add those commands which you usually need while working on your application. You can use this as it is very useful process. The process is same for all the components of Microsoft Office. If you need any kind of support or help, then you can make a call to the MS Office customer support as they are 2487 available to help you. Be it customizing tab, solving errors or any other kind of help, you can get in done by just getting in touch with the Office customer support.

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