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Microsoft Office is widely-acclaimed because it is easy to use, has an intuitive user interface, and contains an array of useful apps and services. It set forth a revolution in the productivity suite market and remains unmatched even decades after its first release. Users can perform complex tasks and automate the calculations on Excel. They can create and edit text documents on excel. On PowerPoint, one can make interactive slideshows. Several people can collaborate and work together. With Skype it brought the concept of video conferencing, and with OneNote, it became possible to take digital notes. Microsoft Office, the second most popular Microsoft product after Windows, is the most famous productivity suite across the globe.

Microsoft Office Versions

Microsoft, a tech giant and bran-child of billionaire Bill Gates, released Microsoft Office in 1989. A year later, in 1990, it was released for Windows for the first time. Back then, it consisted of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office 365 is the first fully cloud-based productivity suite by Microsoft. It is amazing and has so many sophisticated features that you should get it if you haven’t already. It is the perfect choice for businesses as they do not have to worry about backing up data on hard drives. Everything is stored on a secure cloud server. Apart from that, it is easy to Setup all the versions of Microsoft Office. You just have to go to your Microsoft user account and download the setup. After downloading, just install and run the Microsoft Office setup. Go to office.com/setup activate it. Microsoft Office 2016 succeeded Microsoft Office 2013. Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2007 were known for their ribbon interface.

Minimum Requirements

Before proceeding with Office installation and download, one has to check whether the device meets all the necessary minimum requirements. To check the minimum requirements for the Office product, go to your Microsoft account and see the product details. Here are some minimum requirements for Microsoft Office:

Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10S 32-bit, Windows 8.1 32 Bit, Windows 8 32 Bit, Mac OS X, Window 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel DualCore Processor or Intel Quad Core i3/i5 3460 at 2.8GHZ.

Memory: Minimum 2 GB or above.

Hard Disk Space: 5 GB or above.

Good Internet connection with ample speed.

Installation Procedure

Follow the procedure cited below to get an appropriate installation of Microsoft Office Setup

To begin with, you have to go to the Microsoft’s official online store and select a product. Add it to the card and complete the payment process. Or else, you can go to a nearby retail store, select a Microsoft Office suite and purchase it.

After buying the Microsoft Office product from the official webstore, you will receive an email. The email will contain the 25 character alphanumeric product key. If you have purchased the Office suite from a retail shop, the activation key will be present in the box.

Turn on the PC or laptop on which you want to get Office on.

Double-click on any internet browser.

Type www.office.com/setup in the URL bar and hit enter.

Click on Sign In to login into your Microsoft account.

Fill in the login credentials used at the time of purchase of the Office suite.

For users who got their Microsoft Office product from a shop, they need to create an account by filling up a sign up form. They can either get a new Microsoft email address or use an existing email address.  

When you have made the user account, sign in.

Once you are headed to the Microsoft My Account webpage, all the information regarding your purchased Microsoft Office product will be listed.

Click on the Account menu.

Click on Activate.

Enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key/code in the blank provided in the window.

Go to Next.

As soon as the user clicks Next, a window will pop-up.

Click on the Install button.

A downloader Office setup file labeled as officesetup.exe will initiate the download.

After the file is completely downloaded, you can either open or save it.  

Click on Open.

When the file is fully downloaded, it will automatically start getting Office application and related data from the server. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Microsoft Office files shall be about 2 gigabytes large.

The time taken to download the setup file will rely on the internet speed.

The installation process should begin on its own when the file extraction is complete.

Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Say yes to all of the authorizations that may be asked for Microsoft Office.

Hit the Yes button.

Office apps like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access will get installed on the PC. 

Double click on an Office program.

In the Activation Wizard, enter the 25 character alphanumeric product key for Microsoft Office suite and press enter.

Click on Activate.

The Microsoft Office product will only get activated when the user is signed in to their Microsoft Office user account. Or else they will need to sign in first.

Microsoft Word

Word hit the shelves for the first time in the year 1983. By 1990, it was a part for the first Microsoft Office Suite- Office 1.0 for Windows. You can easily and conveniently create text documents, edit, change, save, and share them on Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a budget-friendly program for making flyers, bulletins, leaflets, invites, posters, and so much more. You do not have to employ professionals to do that for you. Use the pre-installed templates to ease your work load.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program which works on systems running Windows as well as MacOS. You can make appealing slideshows laced with video, voice clips, pictures, animations and insert animations and effects on PowerPoint.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email app which can be used on Windows PC and Mac systems. It is one of the most famous email clients over the world. Microsoft Outlook is not only extremely user-friendly but it also has several advanced tools and features.  

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an extremely productive app which is intended for creating digital notes. Apart from computers and laptops, it is also available on phones and tabs. Students should use this application to increase their productivity during class.

 Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, users can calculate, create, and modify spreadsheets. It eases a lot of accounting and calculating work and reduces the chances of manual computing errors. It is very easy to work on and the formulas are easy to execute in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is an extremely well-liked program for database management and it is available for Windows PCs and laptops. If you have to manage and calculate lrge databases, or if you are a student of statistics, then make use of Microsoft Access.

 Microsoft OneDrive

With Microsoft OneDrive, you can share documents, store files, and access them no matter where you are, provided that you are connected to the internet. You can access your data from any web-enabled device. OneDrive is extremely secure.

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