PUBG: Beware the Coming of Zombies

Zombies ultimately get attracted to PUBG due to its huge popularity. Get ready for the tough and massive battle with this monster and tighten your courage and boldness. PUBG is going to get its most impressive update till date with new zombie feature in its mobile version. The all-new 0.10.5 version is all set to launch Evil Residential kind of battleground with an association of residential evil movie makers.

Now, you find yourself among more dangerous and disgusting zombies and other rough situation like rainy weather, and the snow-covered area which is going to hinder your obstacles more dangerous. It becomes the hotcake for the market as well as for game lover from its teaser release. The upcoming features are like a mystery but some of them are revealing in the video, and we can figure out some more features through the residential evil movie also.

Apart from the problems, PUBG is going to launch some stretching for players also like brand new kind of weapon, leaser guiding system, more efficient bullet and many more.

It is going to be a massacre with the advance weapon and zombies. The bloodthirsty zombies have no extra advantage rather than their huge number and scary apparatus.

The new version of the game will be planning to send a team of players to face the deadly zombies. Now, the team attack on the different centers of zombies and try to save the city from these contaminated pieces of the human body having no thinking capacity. The significant number of inhuman species is coming to gulp the whole humanity and you as player pg the game have to stop them anyhow.

Don’t worry; the game is going to armour you with new advance MK47 mutant weapon which it resembles the assault rifles. It can fire 7.2 mm bullet every time and with its burst fire mode, it can shoot twenty back to back rounds in a single click.

Now, players have more efficiency to move from one location to another with a more advanced vehicle called Tukshai which is very similar to the auto-rickshaw of most Asian countries.

The laser guidance system is also going to introduce ion this version of the game that helps shooter to shoot more accurately. The hip-fire mode empowers players to shoot more accurately even when they are running.

PUBG team is also going to introduce its death cam feature of PC PUBG game into the mobile version. Now, players can review their death and can improve themselves after watching their previous mistake.

The advanced mode has no support system for zombies rather than their huge number. The all new embedded dramatic weather condition might help them to survive and hunt players.

Hence, after PUBG Mobile-Residential Evil show is going to be a more vicious, exciting and thrilling package for game lovers.

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