Steps to Use the QuickLook App to Preview Documents in Windows 10?

QuickLook is a technology which is used to preview documents or files. Earlier, the tool was developed by the Apple Inc and now available for Windows 10 as well. The application is Mac’s way of previewing the documents quickly without fully loading the actual files. It is an amazing compatible way of saving one’s time and also allows you to have a fast sneak peek at the files or the documents.  It is very worth noting that the application is very easily supported by most of the Windows 10 devices except the Windows 10 S devices.

However, the QuickLook app for Windows 10 provides Mac preview for the Windows 10 and also allows the Windows users to preview PDF, PPT, Document and also some other files. It also allows users to preview the files without having to open the same. This feature was available also on Mac, and now it is available for the Windows users. The QuickLook app is available on Microsoft Store and is also free of cost.

The QuickLook app is one of the amazing apps which allow the user to quickly preview files without even opening them by simply pressing the Spacebar key of the keyboard. The QuickLook application highlights the document at full size and can also be easily open it in the full screen. And if you want to preview the Powerpoint files, then the QuickLook app highlights the multipage document which only depends on the size of the document by using the slide previews in the preview window.

Though, it can also be used to preview the files like Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, PDFs, RTF text documents, HTML documents, Microsoft Word, RAW camera images, MP3s and many more. Moreover, the QuickLook App can be used to preview the Zip files and also its contents quickly.

In this article, we explain steps of how to use the QuickLook app to preview documents in the Windows system.

Steps to Use QuickLook App to Preview Files in Windows 10

For this, you have to download and install the QuickLook app from the Microsoft store. Then follow the given steps:

  1. Click to Navigate to the File Explorer.
  2. Click on any of the files and then click on the Spacebar key to Preview it. And now it will highlight the content in the full size or near the full size which totally depends on the size of
  3. Use Ctrl + Mouse Wheel, to zoom the images or documents.
  4. For adjusting Volume, you can also use the Mouse Wheel.
  5. Always use the arrow keys of the keyboard, to scroll the previews of files in a folder.
  6. Click on the Spacebar key or Esc, to close the preview
  7. To make the best use of the application, confirm that you meet all the system requirements and also keep your system up-to-date with all the latest Windows update.

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