What makes Microsoft Office 365 popular amongst businesses?

Switching over to cloud service can be a significant decision for businesses. The cloud based system of Office 365 has several key features which make it shine out. Apart from increasing the work productivity and saving up on maintenance costs, Microsoft Office 365 has several other advantages. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the leading versions of the office suite. Microsoft Office 365 offers cloud based as well as offline service. Additionally, it allows the users to access their office documents and applications from any part of the world. If you are thinking of switching to a cloud service and are considering going for Office 365, then here are some advantages of using Office 365:


While picking out a cloud based service, security is one of the key factors considered by companies. The cloud services of Microsoft are designed while being mindful of security. The applications of Microsoft Office are accessed via 128 bit SSL/TSL encryption. Therefore, even if there is an unauthorized interception of a transmission, the interceptor will be unable to read it. The antivirus signatures are updated regularly. Also, Microsoft ensures physical security by not disclosing the site of their facilities to the public. They also do not mine or access user data for the objective of advertisements.


Apart from security, another key factor that companies are concerned about while opting for cloud services is reliability. Outage not only loses employee productivity but it also costs companies money. Microsoft Office 365 is extremely reliable considering that it guarantees a scheduled uptime of 99.9%. This means that across the year, there will be a maximum outage of 8.5 hours. To prove that Microsoft Office is reliable, it publishes uptime data every quarter. If the uptime goes below 99.9%, there is a financial guarantee that your money will be refunded. Moreover, Microsoft has several datacenters which means that if there is an outage at one of them, the other can work as a backup.

SharePoint Online

Microsoft Office 365 has a feature which makes collaboration very easy. With SharePoint, you do not need to worry about upgrades because it automatically updates itself. One of the significant benefits of SharePoint is that it backs up all the work and reduces the duties. It reduces outsources for tracking and auditing. SharePoint is extremely mobile and it can be used from any place and any device. SharePoint helps in creating an online workplace where workers can congregate, collaborate and complete tasks. Users can edit the documents simultaneously and the edits are saved instantly and continually.


Productivity is the key to a successful business or enterprise. Microsoft Office makes work a lot easier and time saving. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any advanced computer skills. With the aid of enhanced visibility and integration, the efficiency has improved tremendously. Microsoft Excel makes it easier and convenient to collate and analyze data. Moreover, Excel allows you to unleash the potential of the data by using formulas and making pie charts, graphs to make the data more meaningful. It also helps in recognizing trends when presenting data in a chart or graph form.

Lync Online

The communications service module of Office 365, Lync Online, allows users to use instant messaging, audio and video call and web conference features. The text of the IM chats is encrypted to improve the data security. Lync can be integrated with Outlook and users can communicate amongst themselves within Outlook. Features like presence, online presentations, and online meetings are beneficial to working professionals and business owners. People who do not have Office 365 subscription can also attend the meeting on Lync by using the web application.

Office 365 is a powerful suite which is needed to improve the productivity, efficiency, and progress of enterprises. Microsoft Office is made up of an assortment of products and services, all of them unique and useful in their own way.  If you are thinking of getting Microsoft Office for your home or business use, then visit this website to get help with Microsoft Office activation.

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